Ramudden 10. Valgehobusemäe Bike Marathon

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The competition center has a parking lot for 200 cars, the rest of the vehicles are parked on the side of the road leaving the center, so the tail of the last cars can extend from the center for approx. 1 km away.

You can only enter the team parking lot with the corresponding sticker.

Please take this information into account so that you can go through the secretariat in time and start the race if necessary.

After the competition, all participants have the opportunity to eat and go to the sauna.


After the race, bike wash on the ski slope side of the main building of the Valguehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre. Competitors can wash themselves in the sauna of Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre, separate saunas for both men and women. A visit to the sauna costs €2, which must be paid to the administrator, where the key to the wardrobe will also be received.


Accommodation options:

  • www.valgehobuse.ee
  • www.korvekylapuhkekeskus.ee
  • www.nelijarve.ee





Grand Prix60.6 km

Maraton42.5 km

Poolmaraton21.8 km

Lastesõidud200m - 2 km

Võistluspaika saabumine

Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre, Mägede, 73412

When coming from Tallinn, we recommend taking the Tallinn - Tartu road. 40.9km and from there turn left to Kose – Purila after 2.3km keep right Kehra road. continuing the journey for 12.9 km until the sign shows Jäneda, you drive straight along Perila-Jäneda raod. After 17.3 km there is a turn to the left (The sign shows Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Center 1.8 km).

When coming from Tartu (97.3 km), at the Mäo viaduct, keep the direction towards Rakvere, drive straight along Rakvere Sõmeru mnt. 19.7 km you have to turn left to Kaalepi - Lehtmetsa road, continue driving 16.8 km, you will cross Perila Jäneda road and you are there after 1.8 km.

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