The goal of the Estonia-Latvia Programme 2021-2027 is to improve life in both countries and strengthen cooperation between the two nations.

Program website:

A contract for the Estonia-Latvia Gravel Initiative ’24 project was signed on 10/12/2023. The project’s start and end dates are 25/09/2023 – 24/11/2024 (14 months).

The main goal of the project is to improve cooperation among local and regional communities and to train experienced organizers through interpersonal activities in Southern Estonia and Vidzeme.

By organizing two stages of gravel bike races – one in Estonia (Valga) and one in Latvia (Smiltene) – the cooperation between cycling clubs, local governments, businesses, and residents will improve, thereby enhancing the quality of events. This, in turn, will help the sport become more popular in the region.

The program is funded under Interreg.

The project’s eligible total budget is 73,766.04 euros, of which 20% is covered by partners.