General rules

General rules

1. Race

1.1. Estonian cup is a mountainbike race series that consist of 6 stages. 5 in Estonia and 1 in Latvia.
1.2. EC stages are carried out in according to the EC series regulations, the Estonian Cyclists’ Union (EJL) regulations and the International Cyclists’ Union (UCI) regulations.

2. Calendar

Stage Stage name Event time Place
1. stage 22. Raplamaa Marathon Saturday 11. may  Laukataguse, Raplamaa
2. stage 2. Valga/Valka Marathon
(Gravel Estonian Championchips)
Saturday 8. june Jaanikese, Valgamaa
3. stage Smiltene Sunday 30. june Latvia
4. stage 24. Elva Marathon Saturday 27. july Elva, Tartumaa
5. stage 25. Jõulumäe Marathon Saturday 18. august Jõulumäe, Pärnumaa
6. stage 10. Valgehobusemäe Saturday 7. september Valgehobusemäe, Järvamaa

3. Distances

3.1. At each stage of the EC, there will be a Training Event (the week before the main event), Grand Prix, Marathon, Half Marathon and Children’s Race.

3.2. Grand Prix distance is between 50-70 km (start 12.00).
3.3. Marathon distance is between 40-50 km (start at 13:00)
3.4. Half Marathon distance is around 25 km (start at 12:30)
3.5. Distances for the children’s races are specified in separate guidelines (children’s rides take place between 11.00 and 11.40).
3.6.Training Event distances, which take place a week before the main event, will copy the distances of the Grand Prix, Marathon and Half Marathon.

4. Starting times

4.1. Starting time for the Grand Prix is at 12.00 on all stages.
4.2. Starting time for the Marathon is at 13.00 on all stages.
4.3. Starting time for the Half Marathon is at 12.00 on all stages.
4.4. Children’s races will take place between 11.00-11-40, the exact starting times will vary from stage to stage and will be published in the EC advertisements and on in the specific marathon section.

5. Registration and entry fees

5.1. Registration for the EC Stages (except on-site registration) is only possible online on the series website:
5.2. The entry fee includes: marked track, season number, timing chip (sticked to the back of the number), timing (from the start to the finish if the race number is correctly installed), service at the feed zones and the finish, awarding of the best, diploma for those who finish with the result (printable from the website (, bike wash, medical assistance if necessary..
5.3. Entry fees can be found in the separate guidelines for each distance (Grand Prix; Marathon; Half Marathon and Children’s races).
5.3.1. Re-registration is only possible by e-mail until Wednesday of the week of the race. Only the same person can be re-registered for a different distance at the starting point, there will be no re-registration for another person.
5.4. The discount registration for all EC stages is a one-time prepayment.
5.4.1. Prepayment registration to all stages will end on 30.04.2024 at midnight.
5.5. Round I of registration closes on Wednesday at 24:00 on the week prior to the day of the competition.
5.6. Registration for Round II closes on Wednesday at 24:00 on the race week.
5.7. On the day of the race, registration at the starting point closes 30 minutes before the start.
5.8. In case of non-participation, the entry fee will not be refunded and will not be carried over to the following stages.
5.9. Registration fees received after the deadlines indicated in the guide will not be taken into account and the registrant will not be included on the start list. Late payment will not be refunded.
5.10. If the EC stage is canceled or postponed for reasons beyond the control of the organizers, the participation fee will not be refunded

6. Teams

6.1. In Estonian Cup series there are Team classification.
6.2. Classification will be separate men’s or mixed and women’s teams.
6.3. A separate guide has been prepared for the teams:

7. Numbers and starting groups

7.1. Those who have not yet received a number this season will be issued on the day of the race at the start area, starting at 9:00 a.m.
7.2. When registering for the whole season or for individual stages, the competitor will be issued with a start number for the first stage, which will be used for the whole season, i.e. for all stages. In the event of the number being lost (the competitor confirms the loss of the number in person to the secretary on the spot), a new number will be issued to the competitor, for which a fee of EUR 5 will be charged on the spot.
7.3. If you forget your number, the secretariat will issue you with a (replacement) number for one stage, for which you will have to pay €5 on the spot. For all following stages, the competitor’s starting number will be entered again in the starting list with the original number.
7.4. The starting list, which takes into account the competitors’ previous results, will be closed together with the II round of registration. Late registrants will be placed in the last starting group.
7.5. The start grouping and the order of the start groups are set out in the separate Grand Prix, Marathon and Half Marathon guidelines.
7.6. The provisional starting list will be published on the Internet at no later than 12 noon on the day before the race.

8. Important rules

8.1. The bicycle class is free.
8.2. The use of a Time Trial handlebar is prohibited.
8.3. Participants in competitions must uphold the values of clean and fair sport. Estonian anti-doping rules apply to the competitions and SA Estonia Antidoping has the right to carry out doping controls among all participants. Further information on Estonia’s anti-doping activities can be found here and the anti-doping rules here.
8.4. You may only start under your own name.
8.5. You may only start from your own starting group, exceptions can only be made by the Head Judge.
8.6. In order to get a result, a competitor must complete the entire course. In order to obtain a result in the intermediate finish and the acceleration section, the competitor must complete the entire course up to the above mentioned lines.
8.7. It is forbidden to use external assistance or an electric motor-driven bicycle to move on the track.
8.8. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
8.9. You may not change bikes on the race.
8.10. It is compulsory to obey traffic rules, traffic controllers, road signs, signposts and other instructions given by the organizer.
8.11. In case of violation of the rules 8.2-8.10, the competitor will be disqualified.
8.12. Disqualification is based, among other things, on the video recording or photos of the event.

9. Responsibility

9.1. Each participant confirms that he is responsible for his own state of health and athletic preparation and participates in the stage entirely at his own risk and fulfills the requirements of these instructions.
9.2. Each participant is responsible for his own safety and the safety of himself in relation to fellow competitors.
9.3. All participants under the age of 18 are under the responsibility of a parent or guardian.

10. Results.

10.1. To receive a result, the participant must wear the start number visible on the handlebars from the time they enter the starting corridor until they cross the finish line.
10.2. The timing chip is attached to the inside of the start number and must not be broken or otherwise damaged.
10.3. All distances will be ranked according to points scored in order to determine the classification of the series.
10.3.1. Classification is also held to determine the best teams, the most active rider and the king of the mountains.
10.3.2. Classification rules are set out separately under the Grand Prix, Marathon, Half Marathon, Children’s Race and Teams guides (rules).
10.4 The provisional results of each stage will be published online at the latest the day after the race at the following address:
10.5. Notifications to correct possible errors in the stage finish protocol will be received until the Wednesday evening following the race, at the email address:

11. Age classes are listed separately in the Grand Prix, Marathon, Half Marathon and Children’s race guides.

12. Award ceremony

12.1.At each stage and at the overall of the series, prizes will be awarded to the best runners in each age group, as detailed in the Grand Prix, Marathon, Half Marathon and Children’s Race guides.
12.2. Teams and women’s teams are also awarded in stages and overall of the series. Details in the team guidelines.

13. Protests

13.1. Protests against the results of the competition, violation of the rules of the competition, etc. must be submitted to the Chief Commissaire within the following time limits.
13.1.1. for the first one hundred (100) finishers, within one hour of the completion of the 100th competitor.
13.1.2. for all other EC runners before the close of the finish.
13.2. The fee for submitting a protest is €30, which is paid to the Chief Commissaire and refunded only if the protest is upheld.
13.3. All protests related to the competition will be settled by the Chief Commissaire.
13.4. Cases not covered by the rules will be settled by the panel of judges and/or the organizing committee.

14. Processing of personal data

14.1. MTÜ Pro Jalgratturite Klubi processes the personal data of registrants in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.
14.2. MTÜ Pro Jalgratturite Klubi processes the personal data of registrants for the following purposes:

– identification and issuing of start numbers;

– processing and publication of race results;

– providing information about the competition to the registrants by SMS;

– responding to registrants’ enquiries;

– providing statistics on competitions;

– sending newsletters, including offers from partners, to registrants who have given their prior consent (a list of partners can be found in the supporters section at the bottom of the homepage).

Registrations for races are handled by Rattaportal OÜ (, the timing service is provided by Tolknet OÜ (, starting numbers are issued to the participants by the organisers of the stages of the Estonian Cup cycling marathon series, who are listed in section 15 of the general instructions of the competition. MTÜ Pro Jalgratturite Klubi does not transmit, sell or disclose personal data of the participants to the parties not mentioned above without the prior consent of the participant or only in cases provided by law.
14.3. When registering for the competition, the following personal data of the participants will be recorded: first name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, place of residence (required accuracy of the municipality), personal identification number, team membership, if required.
14.4. In case the registrant has expressed his/her wish to receive the Estonian Cup cycling marathon series newsletters, which may also include offers from the series’ partners, the newsletter subscriber has the right to unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link in the newsletter.
14.5. Registrants have the right to access their personal data at any time, and to request the correction or deletion of their personal data, except where otherwise provided by law. Requests should be sent to In order to ensure the security of the processing of personal data, the application must be digitally signed. Pro Cycling Club reserves the right to refuse an application if the identity of the person registering for the competition cannot be verified or the transmission of personal data is not secure.
14.6. MTÜ Pro Cyclists Club will take all measures to protect the personal data of the person registering for the competition. Only authorised persons have access to modify and process data.

15. 1Organizers of the stages

Stage Organizer Telephone E-mail
Raplamaa Rattamaraton Ain Täpsi (+372)5094888
Valga/Valka Rattamaraton Rinaldo Teder (+372) 55648230
Elva Rattamaraton Caspar Austa (+372)51844892
Jõulumäe Rattamaraton Peeter Strikholm (+372)53409409
Valgehobusemäe Rattamaraton Peeter Dedov (+372)5151005

16. Other info

16.1. Getting there, parking, accommodation, etc. is located in the section on specific stages.

17. Other key contacts:

17.1. Registration:, e-mail:
17.2. Main coordinator (start and finish protocols): Liisa Ehrberg, e-mail:
17.3. Timing:
17.4. The main organiser of the EC cycling marathon series is MTÜ Pro Jalgratturite Klubi,, Rohu 13, Tallinn, Registration: 80112339.
17.5. Representative of the main organiser: Allar Tõnissaar, phone: (+372) 50 14 427, e-mail: