Team regulations

1. Registration
1.1. Registration for Estonian Cup 2017 starts on October 25, 2014.
1.2. Registration for EC events is only available on Internet site:

1.3. After the first event exchanging team members is not allowed.
1.4. By team registration the fee for every member is the same as prepayment registration fee for entire series for individual rider.
1.5. Team registration closes with the prepayment registration closing on April 19, 2017, 12 p.m.
2. Team standings
2.1. Team standings are separately for men teams and for women teams.
2.1.1. Team members can either participate in Marathon or in Half-Marathon distances.
2.1.2. Men teams can also include women if they are registered to men team.
2.1.3. Women team standings are only for teams consisting only women.
2.2. Team can have 4 to 8 members.

2.3. Into calculation of team standings the team members’ individual points from Marathon and Half-Marathon are added.
2.4. To calculate team place the four (4) best individual points (including bonus points!) are added, and points for team standings are given to men teams and women teams as follows: 150 points; 145 points; 142 points; 140 points; 139 points etc.

2.5. If teams get equal amount of individual points, then in team standings more points gets the team whose rider has the best place in Marathon distance.
2.6. Overall series men team and women team winner is team which has the most team points added from eight (8) events.
2.7. If overall team points are equal then the winner is team which was better in the last event.
2.8. Each event’s preliminary results are published the day after the race at the latest in Internet:
2.9. Reports about potential mistakes in the results are accepted until Wednesday night subsequent the race by email:

3. Team awarding
3.1. At each event the best men team and the best women team are awarded with trophy or souvenir.
3.2. At series overall standings six best men teams and six best women teams are awarded with items or monetary prizes.