Kids races

Children’s race regulations

1. Registration

  • Participation of Estonian Cup (EC) Children’s races are free for all the children.
  • Registration is required in order to participate in Children’s races.
  • Registration is open on the day of race in the start area.
  • Children’s race numbers are handed out in the start area. Seasonal numbers are used, please do keep it for the following same year events in the series
  • Registration ends 15 minutes before Children’s race start.
  • Start times for Children’s races are published in specific event Children’s race regulations.

2. Safety and responsibility

  • Parent or caretaker is responsible for the child taking part in children’s race.
  • Wearing a helmet is compulsory!

3. Age categories

  • Children born 2003 and younger can participate in Children’s race.
  • Tiny race: for 6 year old girls and boys (born 2009 and younger)
  • Children’s race for girls: W8 (2009-2010), W10 (2007-2008), W12 (2005-2006)
  • Children’s race for boys: M8 (2009-2010), M10 (2007-2008), M12 (2005-2006)


4. Timetable, scorekeeping, awarding

  • Children’s race start according to specific event Children’s race regulations.
  • First start is given to tiny racers, then M12/N12, after that M10/N10 and finally M8/N8
  • In tiny race there will be no timekeeping and results are not marked.
  • In children’s race there is timekeeping and standings.
  • Children’s race and tiny race distances are decided by the organizer according to local possibilities.
  • Every participator either in children’s race or tiny race receives a diploma and souvenirs.

5. Children’s race series

  • Age categories W12 and M12 will have scorekeeping.
  • Series winner is calculated by adding 5 best event points.
  • At each event the points are given as follows:

1. place – 100 points

2. place – 97 points

3. place – 95 points

4. place – 94 points, every sequent place gets 1 point less

  • Series overall standings three best places in both categories are awarded.
  • In tiny race, W8, M8, W10 and M10 age categories every child gets 1 point for finishing an event.
  • Every child who participates at least in 5 events and gets at least 5 points receive an award.