1. Start times
1.1. Half-Marathon start times vary from event to event, they are published in EC advertisements and in Internet  www.estoniancup.ee under specific marathon information.

2. Registration and fees
2.1. Registration for Estonian Cup 2017 starts on November 1, 2016.
2.2. Registration for EC events (excluding registration on spot) is only available on Internet site: www.estoniancup.ee
2.3. Registration fees:

Prepayment for entire series


Registration round I


round II
on  spot
Half-Marathon 120 20 25 30
Half-Marathon, 1955 and older and birth 1997 and younger 80 13 17 20
Reregistration within the distance, or from Marathon to Half-Marathon 10 10 10
Reregistration from Half-Marathon to Marathon 30 15 15-

2.4. Special price registration for entire series EC must be paid as a single prepayment.
2.4.1. Prepayment registration closes on April 19, 2017, 12 p.m.
2.5. Registration round I closes 12 p.m. on Wednesday the week before the race.
2.6. Registration round II closes 12 p.m. on Wednesday the week of the race.
2.6.1. Reregistration is only available on spot the day of the race and ends 30 minutes before the start.

2.7. In case a registered rider cannot participate in the race, the entry fee will not be refunded nor will it be transferred for next events.
2.8. Any payments received later than the dates and times indicated in the regulations will not be taken into consideration and the person is not registered into starting list. The delayed payments are not refunded.
2.9. If a EC event is cancelled or postponed for reasons not depending on organizers, the entry fee is not refunded.

3. Riding numbers and division into groups
3.1. Riding numbers are handed out on the race day in start area from 9 a.m.
3.2. Starting list considering riders’ previous results is compiled after registration round II. Later registered riders will be placed into the last starting group.
3.3. Division into starting groups is based on the rider’s best result in the current year. Until two results are achieved in the current year, the overall result in the series in last year or the best result in last year with coefficient 1,5 (place x 1,5) is considered.
3.4. Half-Marathon starting numbers and groups are divided as follows: 2001-2050, 2051-2100 etc.
3.5. Re-registered riders are placed into the last starting group.
3.6. The Head Commissaire has the right to make changes in the starting groups, taking into consideration:
3.6.1. the need for safety in the start;
3.7. Preliminary starting list is published in Internet, www.estoniancup.ee the day before the race at the latest.

4. Scorekeeping
4.1. In order to get a result the rider must wear visibly the riding number on the handlebar  from the moment he/she enters the start corridor until he/she crosses the finish line.
4.2. Points in half-marathon distance:

1. place: 1300 points; every sequent place until 10. place gives 10 points less;

10. place: 1210 points; every sequent place until 30. place gives 8 points less;

30. place: 1050 points; every sequent place until 50. place gives 6 points less;

50. place: 930 points; every sequent place until 80. place gives 4 points less;

80. place: 810 points; every sequent place until 120. place gives 2 points less;

120. place: 730 points; every sequent place gives 1 point less.
4.3. EC overall standing is calculated by adding rider’s six (6) best event points together. The rider with the most points is the winner of the series.
4.3.1. In case of equal points the riders’ best place in 2016 is taken into consideration. When these are also equal the riders’ next best place is taken into consideration etc.
4.4. The best in age categories will be calculated by the general result points.
4.5. Each event’s preliminary results are published the day after the race at the latest in Internet: www.estoniancup.ee
4.6. Reports about potential mistakes in the results are accepted until Wednesday night subsequent the race by email:  indrek@tolknet.ee

5. Age categories (by year of birth)
5.1. Half-Marathon (men): M14 (2003-2006), M16 (2001-2002), M main category (1958-2000), M60 – Senior 4 (1957 and older);
5.2. Half-Marathon (women): W14-16 (2001-2006), W35+ (1982 and older), W main category (1983-2000).

6. Awarding at EC events
6.1. At each event the following riders are awarded:

Age category place
Half-Marathon: W14-16, M14, M16, W35+; M60 1 – 3

7. Awarding at EC series overall
7.1. By the series overall standings the following riders are awarded:

Age category place
Half-Marathon: W14-16, M14, M16, W35+, M60 1 -3

7.2. Riders finishing all the EC 2017 events are awarded in the last event of the year with symbolic souvenir.