General regulations

1. Competition
1.1. Estonian Cup is series of cycling marathons in Estonia.
1.2. EC events will be held in compliance to the EC regulations, the competition regulations of Estonian Cyclists Union and the reglement of UCI.

2. Schedule of the events

Event Event name Date Place
1. event Kuusalu Cycling Marathon Saturday, April 29 Kolgaküla, Harjumaa
2. event Burning Stone Cycling Marathon Saturday, May 13 Illuka, Ida-Virumaa
3. event Valgehobusemäe Cycling Marathon Saturday, June 3 Valgehobusemäe, Järvamaa
4. event Raplamaa Cycling Marathon Suturday, July 1 Laukataguse, Raplamaa
5. event Kalevipoja Cycling Marathon Saturday, July 15 Kuremaa, Jõgevamaa
6. event Lähte Cycling Marathon Saturday, August 12 Lähte, Tartumaa
7. event Otepää Cycling Marathon Saturday, August 26 Otepää, Valgamaa
8. event Jõulumäe Cycling Marathon Saturday, September 9 Jõulumäe Recreation Centre, Pärnumaa


3. Distances
3.1. EC every event has Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Children’s race.
3.2. Marathon distance is at least 50 km.
3.3. Half-Marathon distance is about 30 km.
3.4. Children’s race distances are given in separate regulations.

4. Start times
4.1. Marathon starts in every event 12 a.m.
4.2. Half-Marathon and Children’s race start times vary from event to event; start times are published in EC advertisements and in the Internet: under specific event regulations.

5. Registration and fees
5.1. Registration for EC events (excluding registration on spot) is only available on Internet site:
5.2. Registration fee includes: marked course, riding number, electronic chip, timekeeping (only if the chip is correctly placed from start to finish), service at food stops and at the finish, awarding for best riders, diploma for finisher (printable from the Internet, for children’s race on spot), bike wash possibility, medical care if needed.
5.3. Registration fees are specified in separate regulations (Marathon, Half-Marathon, Children’s race).
5.3.1. Reregistration is only available on race day morning and closes 30 minutes before the start.
5.4. Special price registration for entire series EC must be paid as a single prepayment.
5.4.1. Prepayment registration closes on April 19, 2017, 12 p.m.
5.5. Registration round I closes 12 p.m. on Wednesday the week before the race.
5.6. Registration round II closes 12 p.m. on Wednesday the week of the race.
5.7. Registration on spot the day of the race ends 30 minutes before the start.
5.8. In case a registered rider cannot participate in the race, the entry fee will not be refunded nor will it be transferred for next events.
5.9. Any payments received later than the dates and times indicated in the race regulations will not be taken into consideration and the person is not registered into starting list. The delayed payments are not refunded.
5.10. If an EC event is cancelled or postponed for reasons not depending on organizers, the entry fee is not refunded.

6. Teams
6.1. Estonian Cup series has also team standings.

6.2. Team standings are separately for men teams and for women teams.

6.3. Team standings have a separate regulation.

7. Riding numbers and division into groups
7.1. Riding numbers are handed out on the race day in start area from 9 a.m. Estonian Cup uses seasonal numbers, please keep it in case of attending more marathons in the same season.
7.2. Starting list considering riders’ previous results is compiled after registration round II. Later registered riders will be placed into the last starting group.
7.3. Division into starting groups are stated separately in Marathon and Half-Marathon regulations.
7.4. Preliminary starting list is published in the Internet, noon the day before the race at the latest.
7.5. Participants who have provided the series with their gsm number and agreement, shall receive sms 2 days prior to the start including their starting group number and google maps link to the race center. Another sms shall be sent right after the participant has finished, including their preliminary overall result and Hansgrohe acceleration kilometre results.

8. Important rules
8.1. The choice of bicycle is free.
8.2. The use of time trial handlebars is forbidden.
8.3. Each rider may start only under his/her own name.
8.4. Rider must start from assigned starting group, only Head Commissaire can make exceptions.
8.5. The distance must be fully passed in order to get a result.
8.6. A rider is forbidden to use someone else’s help to move forward on the racing track.
8.7. Wearing a helmet is compulsory.
8.8. Rider is not allowed to change his/her bicycle during the racing distance.
8.9. It is obligatory to follow traffic regulations, traffic-controllers, traffic-signs, signposts, and other regulations made by the organizers.
8.10. A rider violating regulations stated in paragraphs 8.2-8.9 will be disqualified.
8.11. Event’s video recordings or photos may be the basis of disqualification.

9. Responsibility
9.1. Each participant assures that he/she is responsible for his/her state of health, for his/her physical preparedness and participates in the event on his/her own risk and complies to the requirements of these regulations.
9.2. Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety and for other riders’ safety dependent on himself/herself.
9.3. All riders younger than 18 years of age will be on their parents’ or caretaker’s responsibility.
9.4. The rider is materially liable for the timing chip from the moment he/she receives it with the starting materials until returning the chip. In case the rider does not return the chip he/she will be obliged to pay the fine of 30 Euros on the basis of the issued invoice. Unless the rider pays the fine he/she will not be allowed to compete in the following EC events.

10. Scorekeeping
10.1. In order to get a result, the rider must from the moment he/she enters the start corridor until he/she crosses the finishing line wear the rider’s starting number visibly on the handlebar.
10.2. For overall standings there are scorekeepings in every distance.
10.3. Scorekeepings are also for teams and for the most active rider classification.
10.4. Scorekeeping regulations are stated separately for Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Children’s race regulations.
10.5. Each event’s preliminary results are published the day after the race at the latest in the Internet:
10.6. Reports about potential mistakes in the results are accepted until Wednesday night subsequent the race by email:

11. Age categories are separately stated in Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Children’s race regulations.

12. Awarding

12.1. At each event and in series overall the best of age categories will be awarded, more detailed information in Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Children’s race regulations.
12.2. At each event and in series overall the best men teams and women teams are awarded, more detailed information in Team regulations.

13. Claims and objections
13.1. Any claims, objections or protests regarding the race results, breach of race regulations, etc., must be submitted to the Head Commissaire within the following periods:
13.1.1. Regarding the first one hundred finishers, within 1 hour after the 100th rider has crossed the finishing line.
13.1.2. All other EC riders: before the finish closes (5 p.m.).
13.2. When submitting a claim or an objection, one must pay 30 Euros which will only be returned if the protest is satisfied.
13.3. All claims and objections submitted regarding the race will be solved by the Head Commissaire.
13.4. The cases that are not regulated by these regulations will be solved by the race commissaires and/or organizing committee.

14. Event organizers:

Event Organizer Phone E-mail
Kuusalu Cycling Marathon Kaido Laas (+372) 53816808
Burning Stone Cycling Marathon Ahti Leppik (+372) 5250983
Valgehobusemäe Cycling Marathon Peeter Dedov (+372) 5151005
Raplamaa Cycling Marathon Ain Täpsi (+372) 5094888
Kalevipoja Cycling Marathon Raul Soodla (+372) 53400121
Lähte Cycling Marathon Rene Mandri (+372) 53029929
Otepää Cycling Marathon Siim Kalda (+372)
Jõulumäe Cycling Marathon Peeter Strikholm (+372) 53409409


15. Accommodation:

15.1. Information for arrival, parking, accommodation and other important information is available under specific event regulations.


16. Other important contacts:

16.1. Registration:, e-mail:

16.2. Secretary General (start and finish protocols): Allan Aulik, e-mail:

16.3. Timekeeping:
16.4. EC cycling marathon series main organizer is MTÜ Pro Jalgratturite Klubi,
16.5. Representative of the main organizer: Allar Tõnissaar, phone: (+372) 50 14 427, e-mail: